06 January 2017

aponogeton capuronii is the star

of the tank now. It is completely spread across the right corner of the tank- touching the surface and both glass walls. And I love it. I never imagined loving a plant more than apono crispus, but now this one is my favorite. It is gorgeous. It is huge, and it is lovely and as long as it doesn't hog all the light and nutrients from neighbors, I want to keep it in here.

My felt background panel fell off. It was attached with duct tape on the back, and packing tape from that around to the tank rim in the corners and a few places at the top. I didn't know that duct tape won't hold onto felt. I thought it would adhere to anything, ha. But I like this background, so I used my sewing machine to attach the strip of duct tape back onto the felt, and then it was easy to rehang! While it was off, I took this picture. Sometimes I love the way plants look with light shining through them.
I don't know what's going on with this aponogeton crispus. It has some leaves that have a bend or kink where the petiole becomes leaf. First one that appeared I thought it had suffered a physical accident. But now there are quite a few. What caused it?
Anubias afzelii is definitely flowering! My five-year-old was thrilled when I pointed it out to her and told her what it was.
In what I'm starting to think of as 'the grassy corner' crypt balansae is going strong.  The crypt wilisii 'lucens' have new leaves which are wider than the others- I think it will be pretty. Old vallisneria are hanging in there- no more seem to be rotting at the base, and I think the few left might recover. Sad that they started deteriorating just when they were getting decently tall.
I increased my hygro thicket- cut the two tallest stems and replanted to the left, so it is starting to extend behind the wendtii and looks very nice there. Also cut and replanted one of the rotala stems to the right that was getting taller, keeping the illusion that those are young stems of the same plant.
I'm pleased, and a little surprised, that my ludwigia in here is finally starting to look healthy. Not sure what made the difference for it. Could it have really taken so long to adjust to the tank?
 I wasn't sure if I should do a fifty percent water change today, since I did two partials earlier in the week- but the new kuhlis are looking better, and most of the cherry barbs as well- so to keep up with the clean water/good health I went ahead with the normal routine. Haven't seen any fish flashing since early yesterday, so I do think it was just from the substrate ferts getting into the water column irritating them (not disease). Can see here subwassertang was pearling a bit again:
I made another basket of it, making five total and that will be it until I obtain more new plants that come in these basket 'pots'. I did like how loose and fluffy the one clump still tied to a stone was, but when I went to trim it today, it fell apart as the part of the plant near base was deteriorating from lack of light. I guess I waited to long to trim it. Tried to re-tie and got frustrated it kept breaking into smaller bits. Decided to make one more upturned basket, because it looks so much nicer right away, and they seem to adhere better, and the kuhlis love going in and out under them so much.
Figured out my camera can do a black-and-white setting, which feels different somehow taking the picture that way, than just removing color afterwards in photoshop. See the leaf textures in a different way.

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