03 December 2016

thirty-eight updates

I feel like things are going relatively well in here.
Although I took a whole set of plants out today- all the buces off the log. Tired of watching them suffer. Trying to eradicate the BBA from them in a bucket, before I might introduce them to the betta tank. Only one remains in here- the 'emerald green' specimen, which is in a front corner of the tank and well-shaded by some crypt leaves. I've moved an anubias nana 'petite' to be next to it.
I moved the few bits of bolbitis off the substrate and tied into the driftwood. Can see here the little bit of java fern that revived off what I thought was a dead rhizome is actually windelov variety.
The java ferns I transferred into this tank are finally growing large enough to see- they are pretty slow.
Here from another angle and you can see I've still got fissidens in this tank- it's finally taken hold- but it stays such a dark green color kind of blends in with shadows I never notice it much- and there's another tiny java fern growing just in front of that moss clump.
The little anubias nana 'petite' weren't tidy around the crypt wendtii anymore (since I moved that one back) so I have rearranged them to be a nice circle around its base again.
And I brought over that other half of the anubias barteri from the betta tank. Put in in a gap behind the crypt wendtii- perhaps it will be shaded enough there. It's not really visible but adds some color behind the other stems. With that I have introduced limpets into this tank... but I'm starting to not mind them in the tenner now that their numbers are down- and they sure do help keep the glass clean.
Crypt petchii has thrown out new leaves a lot faster than I expected- this one has at least four now, and they have some subtle longitudinal striping I like very much.
Crypts balansae and retrospiralis are putting up new leaves too- seen here behind the male cherry barbs. My vallisneria are not happy though- in spite of their nice appearance. They've grown taller, but about half these have brown, decaying crowns and leaf bases. I think what happened is I forgot to tug them up- periodically I gently tug up my crypts so their crowns don't get buried, but I never really did this with the vals. Quite a few of them were in too deep- I'm letting some float free just above the substrate that I can see a few white healthy roots growing, but uncertain if they will recover. At least the remainder will always throw new runners...
Not sure if I'm going to like micromeria brownei in here (on left). It seems to be getting longer internodal spacing in response to the low light levels.
I kind of like how it looks behind the bacopa- but not when it's in full view of itself.
I took way longer with fish tanks than I should have today, because I made a new subwasertang basket. And then I redid the original two, because I'm tired of seeing the white netting. This one is the best-looking from the start. I still have one looser cluster of subwasser tied onto a stone, but I like how full and fluffy they grow when netted onto these upturned baskets, so much better.
Aponogten flower just dried up. No seeds formed.

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Jeane said...

I am very pleased that my filter issues appear to be solved. I have not had any more problems with overflow since I switched the filter media. The sponge was just too fine and kept clogging, I guess. I've even put the ceramic rings back in, flow is still great. Rinsed out the new media for the first time this week and there was plenty of mulm, that nice musty smell of good bacteria.