02 December 2016

tenner update

I trimmed and replanted bacopa today, nearly doubling the quantity of stems. Starting to wonder why it is unhappy in this tank- the foliage always drooping down. It does this a little in my other tank, but not so much... It's starting to feel like anubias overhwlems the back left corner of the tank, and ludwigia there are struggling for light. And I like the ludwigia. I cut the barteri rhizome in half, and wedged one part of it down lower behind the skull. Don't like how everything is level height now, but things will grow up soon enough.
Took a picture overhead of the windelov java fern intertwining through anubias leaves, just because I thought it looked cool- and realized they are looking peaky again. It's been awhile since I dosed mg so I did that today with the ferts.

There is not much else to note about this tank this week. Except that I am still puzzled why there is always so much fine debris here. I'm starting to think it's not because my driftwood rotted faster  than normal, or my snails poop too much, but just that the sponge filter doesn't pick stuff up very well....
The fish is named Sam. He's funny. He swims with a quick, energetic tail- always seems to be in a hurry somewhere when he notices something. His eyes are circled in white, so he always looks very intent on things, hm, what's that? Always getting in the photo. My kids really like him.

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