13 December 2016

potting up

It seemed a little early to pot up my coleus cuttings, but some of the stems were getting moldy in their jars. Nice white roots though.
So I went ahead and put them all in dirt.
Standby pink coleus- wish I knew its name.
This is the lime-and-orange one.
'Kiwi' coleus. I've trimmed off all the older growth from the summer outside- new leaves don't have that sickly-looking white film on them.
I cut all these in half, so I could try potting up the bases
where tiny foliage had grown out under water. (There were roots grown from nodes above these baby leaves, base of the bigger cuttings.)
Tiny ones in the pot.
Also potted up my other stems of sweet potato vine.
It's dwarfed by the other pot of sweet po' vine with the notched leaves.
Last of all, I separated the pot of kalanchoe. The biggest one is by itself now.
Babies are in two pots.
You can see the size difference when they are side by side. I don't know what I will do with so many kalanchoe- not enough sun space for them all to grow up, but it's fun to keep them going for now.

Soon I will have to do something with my aloe vera, too. One is getting too large for its pot and starting to fall sideways; at the same time it has produced a pup. Like before, I will save the offspring and sell the parent...

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