12 December 2016

full tank shots and a fish

I forgot yesterday to post these full tank shots after the new planting. The thirty-eight looks crammed with plants now (in my opinion) but I am waiting to see if things look more orderly after some stems have melted and grown back, and if I like the ambulia or not, before making changes.
Tenner is not much different. The plants I added are barely noticeable. Rotalas standing up straighter since I dosed Mg. Seeing some symptoms of calcium deficiency (I think) which makes sense, I need to dose that too... Just trimmed back bacopa stems so I don't like how it is all even height but soon things will grow.
Sam Blue. That's how I think of him now: Samblu.
Inspecting the little buce garden (at least that's what it looks like. I bet he was looking for limpets. I've seen him biting at them on the glass).
A bit blurred. I'm still amazed at his color.

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