14 November 2016

coleus cuttings

I think my 'kiwi fern' coleus suffered from heat, more than insects this summer. Once it quit being so terribly hot, the plant seemed to revive for a bit. I guess it's not a sun-tolerant variety.
It got rather thin looking, but I still liked its colors.
I have my standard coleus and the kiwi one growing as cuttings in jars now. When I went to cut down the main plants because cold night had killed them, noticed at the base of some pink coleus there were still a few green leaves.
So I tried potting a couple up- in case I could save those through winter. I think I recall doing this before without much success, though.
I also tried to take cuttings of the lime-green orange-centered one, that had such nice, big leaves. Twice. But each time the leaves develop black areas and then just drop off, and the cuttings don't grow roots. Shame.

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