12 October 2016

some new coleus

I have been busy, no time to post. But still tending to the plants and fish, and taking photos when I could. Here are a bunch of the coleus- I recently got two new plants. One has these big, lime-green yellowish leaves with orange centers.
It's an impressive size, and is flourishing where I planted it. But the cuttings I took have browned edges and are don't look happy on my windowsill. They have just started to sprout a few roots, though, so maybe they will take.
Same week I bought another coleus, one with ruffled leaf margins. I think it's called 'autumn sunset'. I took cuttings of this one too, immediately, as I didn't know how long the plants would last outside when frost came (this was a month ago, first chill weather has hit this week and the coleus outside are all still fine).
It rooted really fast:
A week later I planted out a bunch of the cuttings.
And since then, the foliage has gotten redder and redder:
I am not sure if I will keep it. I liked the way it looked when I first planted it, with red leaf margins and undersides. I don't really care for plants that are all red. I like to see more green...
Meanwhile I have also taken cuttings of my standard pink coleus (the oldest one I got as a freebie back when I didn't know what coleus are!)
And a few of the 'kiwi' coleus. It's cuttings are here next to the lime/yellow green one:
This one I'm not sure if it's healthy anymore. A lot of the foliage on the outside plant is turning pale and rusty, which reminds me of a disease I often see in my garden plants. I took cuttings of the best-looking stems, which were on the back side of the plant near the house wall. That makes me wonder if most of it is getting too much sun?
I'll try keeping it in a shadier spot next year. I miss its purples and greens.

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