04 July 2016


I am still enjoying the nasturtiums. Every now and then my five-year-old asks if she can pick one to suck the nectar out. Yesterday I caught a glimpse of a hummingbird inspecting the flowers- the first one I've seen this year (disappointed I don't have any tithonia or other flowers that attract them).
This one has particularly bright red flowers.
Some of the orange ones have interesting patterns on them when the flowers start to fade.
I have been cleaning off dead foliage and flowers when they start to wilt, to keep the plants looking tidy. But if they've already started forming seed, I let them be. I do want to save some seed for next year- a good sampling from each plant, too, as it seems each plant produces only one color of flower.

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Stefanie said...

I love nasturtium! They are such happy flowers. Their seeds look like tiny brains to me.