02 January 2016

mini greenhouse

On New Year's day I felt like gardening, it was so mild. I feel like planting peas, beets, turnips, carrots, lettuce and chard. But we might actually get colder weather in jan and february, so instead I turned the soil in my little planting bed, did some composting and then decided to build something to house seedlings and young plants. The base of this spontaneous project was an old, very heavy wooden pallet that's been sitting around under our deck. I have tried to take this apart before, wanted to use the wood to build another garden bed, but was unable to separate the parts. So instead I sawed it in half! Then cut two short ends of 4x4's off to put on the opposite end as legs, stood the pieces up and fastened together with shorter lengths for sides, put a brace across the back,
framework for a peaked roof on top.
I even made a lintel of sorts and a frame for a door (in these pics it's still lacking the cross braces).
It will be able to hold four shelves- one resting on the base, one resting on the edge of the pallet under the roof, and two sitting on shelf brackets I put in there.
I don't know what I'm going to use for shelves yet. All the materials I used so far were on hand (previous owners left a lot of buildings materials and odds and ends in our garage), scrap wood and scavenged mismatched screws. Still have enough scrap, maybe I'll cut plywood the right size for shelving, and drill some holes for drainage... I'm going to get plastic sheeting like last time to cover it, and find some hinges and a hook-and-eye latch at the store (want something lightweight). I'm thinking of painting it white, too...

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