06 January 2016

garden prep

I'm doing a few things to get ready for spring. Progress on my little plant house. My husband asked what it's for and when I described the function- growing seedlings and hardening off plants that will move outside in summer he said "Oh, so it's like a halfway house for plants!" Ha. I was looking at definitions and realize this doesn't qualify as a greenhouse at all. Greenhouse is a structure where the temperature can be regulated via vents, fans and/or heating. All the clear-sided things I've built for plants to get max daylight in early spring technically should be called coldframes. But this one has a peaked roof so I think of it as my coldhouse. I painted it white.
Finished the door- mostly. I have a set of screws and a latch to put on it. Cut shelving out of pegboard I'm giving those a waterproof coating, then will finish up.
Today I made more garden space! Used loose edging bricks we had around, and scrap lumber on one side- because that's what was here. Yeah not straight, I realize...
It's filled with cardboard and half-rotted leaves now, to smother the grass.
More than doubles my garden area. Not as deep as the first bed, but I think it should work fine.

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