11 January 2013


I threw out the Dieffenbachia. It just looks too unhealthy. I tossed the remaining Basil too, doesn't look or taste nice anymore.
I'm seriously thinking about throwing out the Pepper plant, too. It has been looking bad for a while. Today I removed all its worst leaves but by evening more were looking curled and shriveled on the edges. I think it's gone.
Don't know why I keep trying to pull basil and peppers through the winter.... Someone once told me it was possible to keep a pepper plant as a perennial by sheltering it indoors for winter, so I wanted to do that but this is the third time it's failed.

The little Palms all seem okay, however. I've been misting them once or twice a day and the mottled white appearance seems to be diminishing. Quite a few have new leaves growing -rapidly- and the new growth looks lovely!

The Cyclamen survived its bath but I'm still worried it might still be infested with something too small to see...

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