12 January 2013


Last night was the final one marked on my calendar for putting the Poinsettia in darkness. And some of the newest baby leaves do have a shade of red coming in! I'm not sure if it will reach full bloom; I don't know if the darkness was complete enough or if the two days I actually forgot to take it out of the box and it sat in darkness all day mattered.
I have another, smaller one that someone gave me at christmastime. It looked like this (thirsty) when I first got it.
The foliage has been dropping off until only the red bracts are left
so I cut most of it down, ready to let it rest and perhaps rejuvenate. One "flower" left to enjoy for a bit.


Leslin said...

I have planted this plant in my garden in December last year.. Must say it has amazing resistance.. it got badly damaged in transit from the nursery to home, and we thought it would never recover.. however it fought back and is successfully growing now. :)

Jeane said...

I have never seen a poinsettia growing outside; don't know if you could do that here where the winters are so cold!