04 January 2013


I have learned that the Parlor Palm I bought is actually a bunch of seedling palms stuffed into a little pot to look like a single, bigger plant. I upended the pot and the information seems to be correct: you can even see the form of a seed still clinging between roots and stem:
So I teased them all apart. It turns out I had forty palm seedlings crammed into that one little six-inch pot.
They are now all spread out into ten different pots, all over the house now!
Most have three or five seedlings, spaced a bit to grow larger. This is my favorite grouping, by the avocado.
There's a lot of little ones on my desk
I ran out of regular pots, so this one is growing in an old recycled cottage-cheese tub:
Parlor palms tend to grow very slowly. If they ever get big enough I might split them up again, into individual pots... we'll see.  And I'm certainly not keeping these all! Once they recover and fill out enough to look respectable, some will be going to new homes.

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