05 January 2013

new start

I've been anxious to grow something new I can eat, and the mild weather makes me forget we're still in the middle of winter. Recently I started some seed in trays
and Peas (seen here soaking)
I've got three kinds of Lettuce, Celery and Cilantro sitting in the damp soil under plastic, encouraged to wake up and grow. But I might have been overly ambitious. The Summer Savory seedlings are not doing too well; I've lost half already. I don't know if it's simply too cold or if the soil is too heavy- I didn't have any seed-starter mix or even regular "lean" soil but the stuff enriched with fertilizers which is probably just too heavy for baby plants. I did try to lighten it a bit by mixing in crumbled styrofoam packing pills, but don't know if that really helped.
Well, it's early enough that even if I overdid it and killed the poor seedlings, there's plenty of time and seed to try again...

The Dill is doing okay. It needs to get potted up into individual spaces but that has to wait until I have a coldframe built...

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Chris Howard said...

Oooh, hope they do well!!