29 December 2012

new SIPs

I've made my first SIP planter that's a bigger size. Keep trying out other small-size recycled containers, from ketchup bottles to shampoo, but none work quite so well for me as the cola ones. This time I took my Pothos, which has grown quite a lot
and had roots coming out of the pot
and split it into two containers. One is a regular 2-liter soda-bottle SIP 
(here you can see the watering tube). It looks kind of sparse but I hope will fill in.
The second I put in this planter made from two deep-dish kind of drip saucers which I've never used. They nested together with space on the bottom
so I made holes around the edge of the top one for air, and one in the bottom for the watering tube.
Not sure if the wicking will work as well; this time I just put felt through a slot in the bottom of the planter container into the reservoir.
Here's the plant in it! The bit of water down in the bottom is brown because you water the very first time through the top, to help settle the plant in, so it's drained through the soil this time. Next time I'll water from the bottom (through the tube) and see how well it wicks up.

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Chris Howard said...

Oh wow, good job! It looks great too! I need to try that out.