09 June 2009

stuff growing

I planted Zucchini seeds in toilet-paper roll pots about a week ago, not really thinking they'd grow so fast (the ones I planted outside have not sprouted in all this time). Cut the tubes in half this time, didn't fold the bottoms under but just left sitting in the tray. Five seedlings pushing up through the dirt! The Broccoli seedlings inside all have a set of true leaves now, though they look fragile. I might put them out under cloches. The Canteloupe all have two true leaves, I'm going to turn over soil in their plot and put them out soon. The Chard seedlings don't seem to be growing very fast anymore, maybe they need to go outside as well?

Outside, there are pretty, though very leggy, white Radish flowers in both patches. One in each spot is pink- I wonder why. I still don't know what's damaged my G Bean plants- the leaves were all so coated with mud from heavy rains I squirted it off with a spray bottle, but afraid it was too much. A few plants recovered and are putting out new leaves, but most have wilted. I can't tell if there's any new holes in the leaves, but last night out w/flashlight found two flies- each on the edge of a leaf, the side that gets chewed on. I pinched them dead. Do flies eat leaves??

One of the Basil plants I planted outside by the Onions has recovered and is making new leaves. We had fresh Basil for the first time this week. My Nasturtiums in a pot are flowering and the Snap Peas are forming pea pods!

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