09 April 2009


Very nice and sunny so a lot of work outside. Turned over the compost pile. Mixed some of it into the bottom of porch pots, and potted Petunias and a new flower to me, Calibrachoa, in them. Look pretty sorry now, but soon they'll perk up and grow!

Planted a second set of Radishes, between the rows of S Lettuce in the raised bed. That one area of the bed the top of soil crusty and cracks. Why not the rest?

Transplanted the surviving three stalks of Basil into the garden, next to garlics. They look pretty sad this morning. Second thoughts, perhaps too cold still at night. Made a little cloche from plastic milk jug w/bottom cut out to cover them, keep warm at nights until recover.

Dug out new positions for the steps from driveway to our porch, so it meets the gate, now. Planted Nasturtiums in the nice, round patches left behind- two varieties. Planted Catnip, Mint, and more Nasturtiums in pots by the front door (one that the Basil vacated).

Nasturtium- Cherry Rose (7-10 days)
Nasturtium- Jewel (7-10 days)
Mint- Spearmint (12-16 days)
Catnip (14-21 days)
Radish- Crimson Giant (4-6 days)

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