19 April 2018

my fifth betta

is this bright halfmoon plakat
blue with hints of violet, and the red in his fins is a pinkish-orange hue
He has a few paler scales on his flanks, and a notch out of both the caudal and anal fins- I hope that's genetics and not injury. Also hope the dark edge on his tail isn't sign of ammonia burn or fin rot- but I will keep careful check on his water quality and he does have some almond leaf in there. The QT is temporary of course, while I find a home for the peppered cories that are in the tenner (or move them into my new tank after it's cycled).

What a spunky personality already. Not shy at all. He moves around lively and graceful, interested in everything in the tank- did nip at ramshorns and the apple snail, but not persistently. Well, I don't care if he eats trumpet snails in his intended home, and I can always shift the malaya shrimps back into the main tank if its a problem... I tried to get more pictures but he startled away from the camera in a quick, fluid dash. It looks like his pelvic fins have double tips- or are split. It's very distinctive when he flares at his reflection in the glass.

Speaking of that, I swear he saw his reflection in the glass of the heater. Several times I saw him  underneath it, stop suddenly, roll his eyes upwards and then slowly tilt himself so he was entirely perpendicular, eyeing the heater glass the whole time and spreading his fins in jerks. Sure looked like a threat display. The heater body in the tenner is black, so that won't be an issue once he moves in. It sure is funny to see. If he got himself hurt by brushing against the heater while it was on, he probably thought the fish-reflection bit him.

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