26 April 2018

houseplant notes

The zebrina plant had one stem longer than the others, so I took one more cutting to even it out.
My creeping charlie plant is looking glorious. Some of the older leaves are so large I'm wondering if I ought to trim them off, to have more uniform growth. They're a good three inches across!
Newer african violet is still flowering, but slowing down.
I've noticed its leaves have slightly different shape- this one appears to be ovate, slightly spooned, with gently scalloped edges
my larger, mature violet has more narrow ovate leaves with (I think) a troughed shape, and more defined scalloped edging
whereas the baby violets (there are definitely two crowns!) are neatly round, and smooth edged. I looked at the parent plant- it has very faint scalloping and an more oblong shape, so I bet these leaves will change some as they grow up.
I had to look up in my violet book how those leaf characteristics are defined, btw.

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