27 April 2018

things I like that are probably weeds-

I was searching through websites listing weeds in my state, trying to identify this plant which I still find attractive, but wonder if I'm harboring something I shouldn't- and it does appear to be spreading- the one that looks like tiny rose foliage-
I didn't find its name, but to my surprise I found that cranesbill is considered a weed, and so are some other wild plants related to geraniums. I wonder if mine, being a decorative variety grown in a greenhouse, is not a weed? Well, if it shows signs of spreading rampant- cropping up in my lawn, for example, I will be careful about deadheading the flowers before they set seed.
I was also surprised that my woodland mayapple- which I was pleased to see grew up more thickly this year- is also considered a weed.
I rather wonder if the deer had been eating mine.
And here's that blue one that changes shape, which I once grew in a pot on my deck all season. I didn't find its name, either- it almost looks like virginia waterleaf, but not quite (flowers are different)

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