26 April 2018

more yard plants-

walking around checking on things, pulling weeds, seeing how they're all doing: turtlehead is coming up fast
some ferns are emerging, but not my favorite 'sensitive' fern, yet
I am delighted to see my echinacea appears to have self-seeded. I count more than seven plants in the row! and some are off to the side- definitely grew on their own.
Rudbeckia is coming up thicker than I recall planting it, too. This is great because I need stuff to fill in.
joe pye 'chocolate' is barely sprouting
Astilbes came up at an incredible rate, already thick with foliage
My bleeding hearts are still small. I saw one in a neighbor's yard already three feet high and full of bloom. Hope mine get to that state some year.
Whatever I did wrong to it last year, it appears that my lilac will bloom this season!
Strapping daylily foliage-
I didn't particularly care if the mums in the front came back or not, but they all did except the one I added to a blank spot last year.
On the other side, my silver blue dusty miller didn't make it. At least, the large parent plant I transplanted in summer is dead. Two or three of the young ones I took as cuttings survived under a tree in the back.

My peony is up!
and the rose I once again forgot to move-
and there's more for the next post...

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