06 May 2016

in the dark

I finished treatment for my fishes, have done two water changes since and gradually brought the temperatures back down to normal. I'm not sure if they are better yet, or if they were even sick to begin with, because they look just the same. Active, alert, eager to eat. Dusty golden patches on the top of the male barbs' heads. I thought maybe that's just their natural color? because most symptom lists online point out that a fish with velvet will look sick- clamped, listless, hiding. Mine aren't doing that. I posted on the fish forum (have a running thread about it) and another member said sometimes they don't show those kind of symptoms. So I tried to get pictures with flashlight in the dark, to show for another opinion. This was the best I could do.

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Jeane said...

Nobody responded to my posting of pictures on the forum, so I still don't know.