05 May 2016

more plants in the ground

Another rainy day, more planting. Bought-seed cosmos and the few tithonia went into the backyard border, saved-seed cosmos went into empty gaps in my little garden bed. These latter have nicer, fuller leaves- I'm not sure if it's due to genetics- the seed source- or because they spent several more weeks growing outside of shelter. I put three of the nicest ones in a pot on the deck, by the mints. Three dill plants went into my herb box on the deck railing. The rest of the nasturtiums in a low row across the front-yard bed, with nine tucked into one of my favorite pots, on the front porch.

There's still green beans and more to go! But I've removed a shelf from the coldframe house now, it's not needed with so many plants out and lets more light in for the remaining plants.

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