14 May 2016


There are many things growing, and lovely flowers opening. I've potted up my tomatoes and green beans into their places and thinned more carrots. But right now my focus has been squirrels. They're really pests this year. Digging in the garden and uprooting my young plants. I had been spreading coffee grounds every few days but it wasn't enough of a deterrent. Then I sprinkled red pepper flakes, and that did work. I also sprinkled bonemeal in the pots of my tomatoes since they seem to need that anyway and it's supposed to repel squirrels too. Voila- it's been several days, including rain, and there are no more holes in my garden, no overturned bean or tomato pots. But the squirrels did keep looking- I caught two of them on my lower deck, very close to the house, and another one on the upper deck, digging in my pot of cosmos and another of sage. So apparently the red pepper worked, it made them go looking for other spots. I'll have to stock up on cayenne powder now.

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