03 November 2012


After a few days of shuffling I think I've figured out where each of my houseplants will be happiest. They all have slightly different light requirements so it took a bit of time observing where the sunlight comes in to see how they'd all do best.
Most of the plants are in the big kitchen window. I've got quite a few Jades (crassula)
my Crotons seem happy with the new light levels; they're already sprouting new leaves (but not lower down on the stems like I'd hoped, in the crown)
The African Violets still show no sign of blooming but look healthy
The other Hibiscus and Marjoram are inside- to see which do better overwintering, indoors or out-
as is the one surviving Mimosa (silk tree) baby- the other one lost all its leaves and hasn't recovered. This one seems to like the warmth inside the house; it is sprouting new growth which makes me so happy. I've always been fond of ferns (but don't have any) so find the fern-like foliage of mimosa especially attractive.
and I kept the little Tarragon plant inside, too. It seems to be growing new leaves at its base, so I hope this one does better now.
The centerpiece on the table is the Poinsettia, looking lovely.

My big Spider plant is always so droopy. I'm afraid I err in overwatering it...
the little SIP one hanging on the wall looks a bit better
I've also got inside here the big Bell Pepper in a pot
(still producing!)
and a pair of Basil plants- they seem happier inside, are sprouting new leaves near the base.

In the living room area the tall Avocado (seems to be suffering a bit of shock)
and my dumb-cane Dieffenbachia which looks the best it has in a long time.
In the tiny office/bedroom I've got my dragon-tree Dracanea (looking more handsome than ever!)
and the little mini-Geranium (odd appearance because I pinched out some stem tips but not others)
also the Creeping Charlie- this one is struggling. It keeps getting leaf burn and dropping them.
But there is also plenty of new leaves growing so I'm hoping it continues well. Moved it back from the window some.
Phew! I didn't realize I had so many plants. And I missed a few- there's also one (nearly dead) venus flytrap, the pothos, the cyclamen.... will get more pics and update again soon.

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