04 November 2012


I've cut my first bunch of Swiss Chard from the pots,
to make sort of pseudo-lasagna for dinner. I don't have ricotta cheese nor lasagna pasta sheets but all the other ingredients are on hand so will make do substituting cottage cheese and using faralle noodles in layers. It might turn out more like a casserole but I hope the flavor is the same.

Anyway, the chard went from looking like this:
to this!
I think I need to go back to the old garden and dig up more for pots, if I seriously want to eat a chard dish once a week. Didn't get enough for more than half the normal recipe, but I wanted to cut most of it down to make sure I'd rid the plants of their parasite. They were getting eaten by these tiny caterpillars! I picked most of them off the leaves days ago, but found this last one while washing the cut chard for food.
Figure if all the damaged leaves are gone, I can easily see if more new damage occurs and know there's still a pest or two left in there.

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