03 November 2012


Here's the outside plants, back in their balcony spots. I brought over my daughter's Apple tree, now about four feet tall. Thought it would take up quite a bit of space, but it turns out the balcony was bigger than my brain imagined (I guess compared to all the open-ground space I used to have!). I did prune some branches, so it would fit in my car- it rode over with the top foot of foliage waving out a crack in the car window!
Next to it are three pots- two of perennial green Onions, one of Chives.
Then there are the Lavender and Rosemary.
My two Mints
Two Thyme plants- regular and lemon variety
A trio of little pots- Marjoram, Hibiscus baby and shabby Parsley (the other marjoram and hibiscus are indoors)
Another corner grouping- the tall wavy Stevia, year-old Echinacea, beautiful light blue-green Sage.
There's also Swiss Chard in that right-hand corner. Here's a wider view:
Still a lot of space! I could easily put a few planter boxes out there, a worm bin, some more large pots, some five-gallon-bucket SIPs, a little table and chair to enjoy the view... the possibilities are wonderful!

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