05 October 2012

many pots

Over the past few days I have been busy digging up herbs and other plants from the garden to transport in pots to their new home: an apartment balcony. I hope it's one that gets enough sun.... Originally I planned to just take the perennial herbs but then I kept going. Most of the plants are really thriving in the nice fall weather and if this season is like last we'll have a long, balmy autumn so I might get some more life out of the annuals as well. I ended up with thirty plants in pots, total (most pictured here):
The other five are the Lavender, Rosemary,Tarragon, and two Thymes which I pictured earlier.

Most of them are doing very well. I was particularly surprised at the Mints; I just clipped the nicest stems, most didn't even have roots, but they are remarkably perky (chocolate mint on the left, spear-or-peppermint on the right):
I've also got potted up the Parsley
two pots of Green Onions
three pots of Swiss Chard
two youngest Echinacea in my biggest pot
two little Marjoram plants
the Stevia (still hoping to get seed out of it)
a Bell Pepper plant
and one Marigold
There's also two Basil plants that I somehow missed a picture of, and a few experiments in here so watch for a second posting on this...


Chris said...

Oh wow!! Everything looks like it transplanted really well :) Hope they keep holding up!! Are you having to move to an apartment? Sorry if you are :( It's not the same as having dirt to dig in, but I've still found a lot of satisfaction in container gardening!! You're just much more limited :(

Jeane said...

Yes. The rain and cooler weather have helped them a lot- most of them hardly went through shock at all!

Yep, moving into an apartment. I chose that, really. Getting a bit excited about trying vermicomposting (worm bin) and now I'll have a grand excuse to try large SIP containers!