06 October 2012

last pots

I potted up two kinds of Basil, as they're still growing well; regular Basil (I've forgotten the variety name but this one makes white flowers):
and purple Thai Basil:
My current growing experiments consisted of digging up four Hibiscus seedlings that sprouted of their own accord in the yard and putting them in pots to move to my balcony. You can prune hibiscus into a small shrub so maybe it can grow for a little while in a pot. These little plants would have been cut down by the lawn mower anyways. I dug up four because I want a pink or purple one, but lots of white ones grow in the backyard too.
Also dug up some young Mimosa (or silk tree) seedlings that sprout up everywhere too. These ones immediately went into shock and dropped all their leaves (see the bare stem in center of photo below). I thought they were done for but the next day they showed signs of sprouting new growth. So maybe they'll be alright.

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