31 January 2015


I sold another bunch of java moss recently and started a new one, with tiny bits trimmed off the fake skull.
The surface of my desk where they've been is quite cold (near window)- so I moved the two jars to sit on the smaller aquarium's cover glass. The tank is near eighty and its heat now keeps the jars close to room temperature. They look better.

30 January 2015

tank notes

I have been trying to get a good tank picture, but it's hard to avoid glare on the watersprite thicket in center. This one is okay
but it actually looks more like this now, after I trimmed the rotala again:
Another overhead view:
It is starting to look full and green! Same doses on ferts with the water change, today. Most of the plants look good, so I'm hoping that java fern is just having an adjustment period and will recover too- at least the new fiddleheads coming up are nice. It's supposed to be a tough plant, so I'm surprised it seems more sensitive to changes. On the other hand, it's my only epiphyte in this aquarium, maybe that has something to do with it- since the other plants get nutrients from substrate, and this one only pulls out of the water column? I did cut out a few mottled leaves today, and tried to attach some down better. Have noticed that the ones that were tied tightly or held with rubber bands, with good contact to the surface, are clinging firmly. Others that I didn't tied so well (very tricky to do with wet thread!) are pretty loose, not holding well. I have weighed down one in the back with pebbles (but they fall off all the time, have to be replaced) and fastened a front lower one with new rubber band.
Now that the plants are looking better I'm starting to think about aesthetics again. Maybe the fine-leaved plants are better as background, and the apono crispus which I admire so much should be in the front. I am started to try this out, gradually. Gave away my amazon sword (it just wasn't doing well in my tank) and moved one of the smaller aponos to front center:
I have also learned these plants like to stand alone, have space. Not sure if it's the reason, but the biggest apono (widest leaves) has surprised me with a new shoot- looks like a flower stem. I was not expecting, or even hoping, for my aponos to flower. I'm tickled that this one is- it means the plant is happy!!
Half a dozen rotala stems reached the surface again, so I've cut those back and replanted, two in back left corner behind apono, a few more behind the java log. Already I'm liking the effect:
Some more rotala pics- from above
and in dim light, the young green seems to glow (bad reflections in this one but I still like it)

29 January 2015


This one is growing lots of new leaves in the center. I am hoping even more for spring flowers!

28 January 2015

climbing kuhlis!

caught a black one sitting halfway up in the rotala bunch,
later same one resting on the broad crypt leaves (this one is Mo)
and a striped one going up onto the log
it's so fun to watch them

27 January 2015

geranium tree

another pic of this, just because I'm so happy with it

25 January 2015


I euthanized a fish today. I thought I was looking for a dead (missing) platy this morning, but found him cowering under driftwood- more tail missing, all the way to the body. It's hopeless.

22 January 2015

aloe babies

It's been several days of drying- lying out on a shelf and then stuck back into the soil. The biggest one on far left I did not remove to dry its cut end- just to see if one would survive the wrong treatment. They all look okay so far. Are in side window that doesn't get any direct light, for now.