19 June 2020

garden notes

I think soon I will be able to plant these tokyo bekana seedlings into the garden.
The pole beans are nearly up to my shoulder, now. There's yellow flowers on the zucchini plants, and I've started eating cherry tomatoes. They never make it into the house- I pick a few when I'm out working in the garden, eat them on the spot.

My favorite thing to do right now is feed cabbage loopers to the catbirds. I pick them off the collard greens, then put a few on the brick edge of another garden bed- on the path the birds usually take through the garden. Then sit and wait for them to come by again. It really pleases me to see the birds come flitting through, hop-hop stop to inspect everything, flit and hop again- then quickly pick up the caterpillars I've left- often adding them to a beak already holding a worm or insect- and fly off into the shrub where the nest is. I picture those fat caterpillars going down into hungry baby bird bellies.

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