16 May 2020

in the herb bed

the sorrel has grown huge and is now sending thick flower stalks up. Last time I cut them down, noticed the stems are reddish with ridges, very like rhubarb. And sorrel is also high in oxalic acid. So I looked it up: guess what, sorrel and rhubarb are related, and sorrel stalks can be used like rhubarb. Hm!
My sage is looking lovely. I have only just started to see tiny leafhoppers.
Lemon balm continues to be amazing.
Starting to think I should just dig out the nepitella. It's doing great, but I haven't used any of it. Ever. It's very minty-smelling, but also quite savory, so the only thing I could think to cook it with is lamb, which we very rarely eat...
The winter savory is also doing grand- not at all fazed by its move a month ago. This one I've used a few times, I'm sure I will find more places for it in the kitchen- with lentils, meat dishes or soups.
The light was so nice I took a photo from each side.
Lavender is spreading nice, too. This one I just grow for the scent of it! although I have used in a few baked goods in the past.
Volunteer chervil! Growing just outside the bed edge. It's already flowering. Seed must've fallen here from the planter box above, last season. There's also volunteer dill sprouting among the lettuces, which I pull and let fall (have enough dill already).
One of the green onions is going to seed. I let it. I still have lots in the original packet, but if I need to replenish the bed would be nice to do so with seed adapted to my garden.

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