22 November 2019

violet leaves

I haven't had time to post until now, but a few weeks ago I finally used a birthday gift from my mom, combined with one from my husband (thank you's!!) and splurged on fancy african violet leaves:
Here they are all potted up! 'Royal Rage'
'Midnight Rascal'
'Lady in Red'
'Lavender Magic'
'Bob Serbin' All the times I have grown violets from leaf cuttings before, I stuck it in with lots of petiole showing, like the one on the left here. The instructions that came w/my leaves from the nursery said put them in all the way to the base of leaf, so I did that with most.
'Leading Lady'
'Vintage Lace'
'Crackerjack Red'
'Frosted Brandy' All these names will mean more when the plants actually bloom!
Some have very rosy or puplish undersides:
and some have pointier tips, but the leaves vary less in color than I expected (aside from, of course, the white edged 'Vintage Lace'.
I put them under cover for humidity. I've only lifted the cover a few times to check for mold, and once to gently add water with a syringe.
Yeah, it was probably too many. But I can't wait to see the varied colors and textures on the flowers. When they're grown big enough to go into 3" pots, I'll have to rearrange my houseplants to make room in a favored spot near bedroom window.

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