09 October 2019

some repotted

Day of the plant swap I potted some up that needed it more urgently- the baby strawberry begonia
I'd actually just read about this plant for the first time last week, and thought how I'd like one- obviously it must do okay outside because the clump I pulled the baby off of, was growing at the base of some pink turtlehead- but I plan to keep it as a houseplant. (It's not a real begonia, btw. It's Saxifraga Stolonifera and funny enough, one of the other common names is wandering jew! also called strawberry geranium, creeping rockfoil and mother-of-thousands)
The baby spider plants I just barely pushed into some soil. Going to have them share a pot until larger.
I found that tying their runners together overhead holds them in place just fine (as long as they don't get bumped).
I cut the vine thing into a few pieces to try and root.
Put the angelwing begonia cutting into water.
Left the dwarf sansev and peace lily alone for now. They need repotting too, but I'd rather do so in spring. My jade, zebrina, parlor palms, creeping charlies and maybe the avocado need repotting too...

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