10 January 2019

more 45 pics

I added a few plants to my 45 the other day. Went to the LFS in the next town, they didn't have any fish I wanted so I bought two live plants (to support a local buisness). They're weighed down in the middle for now.
 It's just anubias barteri, but looks far nicer than any of the barteri I already had. Are my conditions not so great, that this one looks perfect next to my older anubias..?
my best clump of java fern in the front corner
the rest, on the other side-
vallisneria in the planter basket
buce 'brownie ghost' retied onto a piece of driftwood
buce 'isabella'- has a tiny new sprig of leaves growing from one of the roots!
buce 'green wavy' is on two small pieces of wood
and the little bit of buce 'emerald green' on this even smaller one
quick short end shot, from above angle- can see the water has more tannins since I sawed some mopani pieces and didn't boil them again
other short end, from low angle-
it's all going to get rearranged soon (that's the plan) and already two vals, a few buces and one anubias have come loose from their mopani anchors. I'll probably retie them in a few days when I put my hands in the tank for maintenance again.

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