06 January 2019

45 all mopani

I bought a few large chunks of mopani wood at the pet store yesterday, tied some plants onto them. Anubias afzelli and congensis on these-
Buces 'selena' and 'emerald green' on another-
Buces 'isabelle' and 'blue belle' on a third.
But later I was dissatisfied with this piece, and wanted more little mopani chunks for the smaller buces and java ferns. I want to take out all the rocks, have just mopani wood anchoring stuff down. Today I pullled the two smallest mopani pieces, and used my hand saw on them. Made a bunch of smaller pieces, tied java ferns, windelov ferns, buce 'green wavy', 'emerald green' and 'brownie ghost' on them (across the front of the tank). Everything is on dark wood now. So if I slide stuff around, it doesn't scratch the bottom glass. And it looks more uniform, with nice dark contrast.
With exception of the planter baskets. I added another- this narrow one has vallisneria- loose ones out of the paradise fish tank, I'm giving another chance in here.
This is what it looked like yesterday with the new wood added. Pothos roots got a bit of trim. Happens to be one of the few photos where I caught most of the black skirt tetras in focus.
Today with everything on mopani- it's a bit murky from tannins (even though I boiled the wood and poured water off three times) and stuff getting stirred up. I'll try for better photos soon.
Notice there's a brighter green plant on the left, it's two tall stems behind the mopani- the last pieces of water wisteria I have. Obviously slowly failing in my 20H, and the pieces I planted in the window tank died. So I moved them in here to see if they do better.

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