14 April 2018

plant moves in the tenner

There's a gap in the front row of buce. I took out the largest, the 'emerald green'- it didn't really fit in the space well anymore- and moved one of the narrow-leaved blue ones into its place. Unfortunately I once again forgot to run a tiny siphon while pulling the plant. I didn't see a lot of mulm kicked into the water, but the next day noticed my young cory Lucky has shortened barbels and a bit of cloudy eye. Kicking myself for that. (The barbels on Felix are full length with nice slender points again, now I have a hard time telling the two grown males apart!) Done a water change with some thorough (slow and careful) gravel vac use.

You can also see I'm missing the company of my oto- large anubias leaves are collecting brown algae once more. However since I added the two smaller bumblebee nerites, the band of algae around bottom glass is completely cleaned off. They're busy!
New bucephalandra- 'brownie ghost' on a rock in front of the skull cave.
Buce 'green' on another rock- most of them already have new leaves!
From above. Anubias congensis is kinda taking over the space.
More, thicker buce 'green' on a rock on the other side.
Easier to see from above angle-
In the back center there, just in front of the rotalas, is the java fern I took from Perry's tank.
This 'blue belle' buce on the side is really growing thick and tall!
Crypt parva in the front is finally staying put.
Short end one side-
and the other
full tank shot- but I missed an end
from above angle- my usual viewpoint

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