03 March 2018

coleus cuttings galore

I have so many coleus in the house right now, and quite a few were getting top-heavy or starting to flower. So took a bunch of cuttings to use on the paradise fish tank- they are spending several days in jars with a few water changes to make sure well rinsed off first.
This older jar of lime/orange variety which I took just to have more for the front yard
already has soooo many roots, but I'm not allowed to get my hands dirty yet, so it has to wait. Maybe I will just trim the roots... or if it rots well, there's many more so no great loss. (I managed to pot up the mandinilla, but it was tricky and coleus with lots of wet roots would probably get dirt on my hands even using gloves, not going to try until I have the okay).
I've started putting most of the potted coleus into the coldframe house during daytime. It stays around sixty in there until sundown. Not that they need a huge boost of proper sunlight, but I just like to see something green in the frame. Haven't started any seed yet. That has to wait too. It's going to be a late garden for me this year.
Center on the floor there is the only full coleus I have left from last summer. I found a gardening forum thread on getting coleus cuttings through winter. People call this method "taking stumps". And my error this year was probably not trimming roots along with tops, and not downsizing the pot.
Here's one of the 'kiwi fern' offspring.
The others are still in kitchen windowsill.

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