21 January 2018

fish notes

A little concerned because this morning I saw the cory fry, but its tail fin clamped. The adults look fine. I wonder if the ferts I dosed yesterday are irritating it? All the weeks prior I'd been doing smaller water changes and reduced ferts . . . . maybe yesterday was a bit too much. Keeping a close eye.

Perry got a treat. In my daughter's room to give her gerbils water, I saw a familiar herky-jerky movement in her snail bowl. Which right now just has a few pond snails and some green hornwort floating. I looked closer. Two mosquito larvae. I got them out with a straw and fed to the paradise fish.

Days are balmy this week (for winter), and nights in the forties, although it's supposed to get colder again in a few days. I don't expect any mosquitoes outside, although I know the eggs can survive colder temps than adults. I have a basin with a few inches of old tank water and leaf litter set out under the deck, just in case some days are warm enough to begin a new host of larvae.

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