02 May 2017

planted out

into the yard yesterday, but did not have time to take pictures (overcast and wind, trying to beat the rain and be done before dark) coleus- the pinks and lime/orange ones, I saved my favorites 'kiwi fern' to keep in pots on the deck. The marigolds- some set into the garden, two in the front by the porch, two more around base of a tree where I'm trying to grow something instead of grass. All the nasturtiums alongside the fence near the back bed. Basil and bunching green onions went into the garden. Carrots are coming up! Beets and new planting of swiss chard, too.
Very soon have to do the veggies that will go into yard spots (first time I'm trying that, really) but I need to turn the compost pile and harvest from the worm bin first. The okra are ready to go out- this largest one in coldframe is starting to bud already.

We have been eating dill, parsley and summer savory regularly in various dishes. Also the lettuces- even though they are small- trying to get the most out of them before the real heat sets in. Still want to try seeding some lettuce in the sideyard where the big hosta row is- if I can get around to that.

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