05 May 2017

around the yard

More pictures from a walk around the yard to inspect how things are growing- taken over a week ago, that's how behind I am on keeping up with things.  Well, I get the weeding and watering and bug-picking done, but don't always find time to post about stuff...
I love the silvery hue and pattern on heartleaf brunnera leaves.
My ferns do try. They make a good showing in springtime, but I bet by summer's heat will fade away again...
Happy to see all the mayapples came up again- and are promptly loosing their heads. Something eats them. Squirrels? an insect? Don't know.
Monarda (bee balm) is nice and lush. Twice this height now.
Turtlehead! In every spot I planted it has doubled in numbers.
Sweet peas reach the top of this walled corner, now- but they keep falling forwards in a clump instead of clinging to it. I need to see if I can string something up for them to grab.
This is my asiatic lily in center- with daylilies behind to the right. And in front on left can see one of a few small offspring that have grown up. I did have two mature asiatic lilies but the foremost one always gets stepped on and broken off, gah.
Sedum ring neatly obscures the stump, now. Tops of it have these tiny buds- I suppose they will make tiny, unobtrusive flowers. Perhaps then I can finally identify what this plant is and call by a proper name.
Peony- left- has great fat buds now (not pictured yet) and on the right that unknown plant I moved from the mailbox spot. To the right of it- out of the picture frame- are some marigolds I planted. Makes a nice arrangement of leaf textures here.
Two delicate purple poufballs in front of a tree, they grew from bulbs that were a gift last fall- giant alliums. I'm pretty sure I planted more than two, but only these came up. They sure are pretty- must get more.

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