13 April 2017

young herbs

Cilantro have grown significantly since I put them into real potting soil a week ago-
and ferny dill is standing taller.
It's still too cold for the basil to be outside overnight, but I have moved them out of the seedling tray into individual pots.
One of the basil seedlings is oddly lanky, thinner than the others. I rubbed its leaf for the scent, to be sure it was a basil and not a weed!
What takes very little care: mints. I cleaned up the mint pots last week, ripping out dead foliage and old stems, tearing up long runners that were circling the rims. I can be rough with it- it crowds itself out and will bounce back easy. I really ought to upend them and trim the root mass, but haven't yet. That one above is the chocolate mint.
This one is the spearmint. See the sneaky weed?
It almost fooled me, but later I came back and noticed the growth pattern was different- a rosette- again I rubbed and smelled the leaf, not a mint!

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