29 April 2017


The parasite treatment (at least this first round) is done, so after the 50% wc I moved my shrimps back into the main tank. (It may get a dose of levamisole next week, but that's ok for shrimps at using half or less). It was easy to catch them. They were all hiding between the leaves of that one fake plant, still. Must have come out at night to feed because the food did disappear (more than what just two snails would have eaten) and there was tiny shrimp poo to siphon out...
Noticed when I lifted them out in a plastic bag to acclimate back to the main tank, one of them its tail and part of the rostrum were blue. From cooler temperature? or because it had just molted (there was a shed skin in the tank)?
All lined up waiting for release. I made sure to feed the fishes on opposite end of the tank while I released the shrimps out near their favorite hideout under the driftwood, so they wouldn't get pestered (not that I've seen any fish bother them, but I wouldn't put it past these serpae tetras).

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Jeane said...

Now its tail is completely blue. Looks really cool, but I still have no idea why it changed color. I like my amano shrimps even more now, seeing how tough they are!