29 April 2017


More and more I like my serpae tetras. Because of their color and vigor, I enjoy watching them more than I do the cherry barbs. I can tell already that when the cherry barbs are gone and it's just tetras and kuhlis, how much easier feeding will be. Right now, I drop a bit of sinking food in to alert them all with the smell, target the kuhlis and distract the cherry barbs. Then as the serpaes come out cautiously looking for the food I drop in food that's crushed up- if it's shrimp pellets or algae wafers. They dash around for it, but once the bites land on substrate they quit looking, just kind of drift around as if wondering where it went. So it looks like when I just have two main species of fish in here, I won't have to do that target-feeding as much. Just drop in crushed wafers or pellets: whatever the serpaes miss they will probably leave, and the kuhlis will easily get their share. The cherry barbs are just too much of bottom feeders themselves.

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