03 April 2017

early flowers

My first hellebore (lenten rose). I was delighted to see it, but it's a flower that's difficult to appreciate. The bloom hangs its head, facing down, and this particular one came up angled towards the tree it's growing next to. When I first saw it glancing out my window I thought a scrap of paper had blown across the yard and got stuck in the foliage!
Heartleaf brunnera is flowering.
Very pretty but such tiny things hard to see unless you are close. I don't have enough of them to make a noticeable area of color. Perhaps I will move it to the front by the walkway and porch, where it can be seen.
Glad of the vinca this year. I have moved some cuttings to grow in front of our porch and even though they got hit by a late March snowstorm a few days later, did just fine and are spreading already.

Forsythia finally bloomed in my yard- weeks after all the neighbors'. Maybe because my planting of it doesn't get enough sun (surrounded by trees)? Or because it is still small. Can barely see the spray of yellow from the house.

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