19 April 2017

a few herbs

I planted out into my deck railing boxes some of the herbs that like cooler weather- dill, cilantro. I really like dill and I don't even grow cukes for pickles- love the flavor in certain kinds of fish and eggs. That and summer savory.
I have one deck planter filled with cilantro
two more with dill, and the fourth reserved for summer savory (which is still in the coldframe). This year I'm going to try and establish a nasturtium patch in the yard, plant sweet potato vine in pots, and keep basil in the garden beds (all plants that were in these boxes last year).
Not sure why some of my dill has dried, brown edges. Perhaps it got too hot last week, or not enough water? Plants aren't that big yet because already twice I have cut and eaten it- even before they were out of the communal tray!
I want to get two more planter boxes for the railings, but have to find the right ones- not this which bows out in the center it doesn't have stiff enough walls. In fact if I can find the other kind which has thicker walls and straighter corners, I'll probably get three and replace this one.
Since I'm mentioning herbs, here's a pic of my herb corner in the garden beds, seen from above. There's sage, parsley, thyme and oregano. Barely can see the green onion.
Sage in pots is growing back but doesn't look nearly as nice as the ones I have in the ground. I think it has more setback from the cold.

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