17 March 2017


Over 50° today. Warm enough I have the cooler-tolerant plants in open air: broccoli, lettuces, borage- and it was nice to be able to leave them outside overnight. The lettuces don't look so good. Some of the broccoli babies look like they got damping off- wilting pinch at the base of stems and falling over. But I have plenty more stout ones.
Seedlings in the coldhouse! All day.
Nasturtiums- still among my favorites.
Three varieties of coleus.
I shoveled snow onto my garden. Upper deck just pushed it off through the railings onto the two nearest beds (one obscured by deck railing planter here) and lower deck I moved shovelfuls of snow and ice over to the further beds. It doesn't benefit anything melting into the gravel under the decks, and I've read that snow contains nitrogen and minerals that are good for the plants. Uncovered all the mulched plants around the yard; everything survived the freeze.

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