25 March 2017

underwater details

Just a few pictures from the main tank yesterday.
Plantlet under the java fern leaf has grown!
Young crypt retrospiralis I started off the rhizome fragment is big enough now to show the crinkled leaf texture. I like it so much. But the other piece seems to have died- found it floating with the bit of stem shredded and melted away...
Tethered hornwort has changed shape. All the needles are shorter, and lie flatter to the stem than they used to.
Newer zebra nerite snail.

Not much to note on the betta tank, except that it is definitely cleaner this week. Less mulm to siphon out, and it didn't stink as has for so long I was starting to think that was just normal for this tank. Instead a clay sort of odor. I am trying to be more diligent about rinsing out the sponge filter at least every other week, even though it doesn't collect much debris.

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