03 March 2017

the tanks

Not much interesting this week. I trimmed bacopa in the main tank again. Instead of just replanting I cut the tallest stems into thirds and replanted all that.
Rearranged a few plants- mainly so I can see this one-
Echinodorus finally looks healthy, and I can tell you it has nice white root growth because I shifted it. Pulled up (very slowly) the group of green crypts that was in that corner- they keep hitting the glass and then don't have nice shape. I traded places with the two- so now the green crypts on this side of the tank are flanking the crypt becketti petchii.
I moved two of those unnamed crypts into the tenner, putting flame moss into the opposite corner and taking out some rotala stems. Just to see how it does in here, if I'm right and it won't get any bigger (both groups of these crypts in the thirty-eight are throwing babies so I think they're mature at this size). A lot of bacopa in here was too tall and got a big trim, too- so the back is all uneven again.

Samblu is kind of a dorky fish. I don't know why he's always swimming down into corners of the tank and then thrashing around to get out as if he feels stuck. When I approach the tank to feed him (or take a picture) he gets so excited darts back and forth against the glass and won't even see the food fall in. I have to wait until he calms down enough to turn his head and see it. Harder to feed him if it's late in the day and the room is darker than the tank, then he sees his reflection and gets even more excited.

I'm attempting to set up another tank haha. It's a 29 gal that someone gave me. I was going to just keep it on hand in case I ever need a spare (it's a nice size to quarantine angelfish) but a friend of a friend (guy I don't really know) has to get rid of his tank and asked me to take his fishes. I can't take them all, but he has these lyretail swordfish that have the most amazing long filaments on their tail fins. I picture them in a minimal tank with just upright hornwort and a lacy shrub or two of windelov fern on the bottom... and I'd like to see if it's a real pain to manage three tanks before I decide if I'm really going to get a bigger one for angelfish. Thinking now it would be cool to convert the thirty-eight into a semi-tropical and keep a paradise fish, when the time comes that the cherry barbs hit old age.

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