22 March 2017

settling in

I am really pleasantly surprised. I fully expected to have a slight ammonia or nitrite spike this morning on the window tank. After all, I just put seven fishes into a newly-cycled, sparsely-planted tank! First thing I did this morning was a water test, and it was perfect. Zero Ammonia, zero Nitrites. (Goes to show how well the fishless cycle method can work, even though I did hate dealing with the moldy crap and stink of rotting fish food...)
I'm still doing a partial wc, just for the health of the fishes. The swordtails both have slightly degraded fin edges, and the female is still crashed on the bottom- although she breathes easier and makes brief attempts to swim now.
Named the male swordtail Fabio. Here's a better picture of him.
The pictures are still kind of dim because when I took cover off the top and sides, the fishes all hid down in the plants, apparently feeling alarmed or exposed. So I've kept the backdrop piece on.
The red-eye tetras have a lovely blue sheen when the light hits them at a certain angle.
I think they look fairly healthy.
 Here's a closer picture of the serpae that's blind on one side.
The good side. It's more timid than the other two serpae- quite understandably I think. But otherwise looks alert and active.
I never kept fish before that have the semi transparent body, there's rather fascinating about being able to see your fish's innards when they are backlit.

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